Exploring Bath – England

DAY 13 – Bath has more to offer than just the Roman Baths.  The best way to explore this unique Georgian city is on foot.  The city centre is free of traffic and is full of museums, cafes and shops.  We started at the Pulteney Bridge which was built in the Pulteney Bridge1700s.  Designed by Robert Adams, it is lined with shops, which tragically for us, they were not opened during our time there.

The CrescentBath owes its elegant building designs to the brilliance of two architects, John Woods, elder and younger.  We found our way to the Royal Crescent which is hailed as the most majestic street in Britain.  This great arc of 30 houses was the masterpiece of the younger John Woods.  The houses here must cost a mint.  House no. 17 was once the home of Thomas Gainsborough, a famous 18th century painter.  There is beautiful garden in front of the arc for the private use of the residents only.  

Bath AbbeyBath Abbey is at the centre of the old city.  This beautiful abbey was believed to have been designed through divine intervention.  Legend has it that God dictated the design of the church to Bishop Oliver King in a dream.  The Bishop then went about re-designing a church that had been built in the 8th century……mme.


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