From Holyhead to Dublin Port – Ireland

DAY 7 – At Holyhead we boarded our ferry for Dublin.  For those interested in technology, this high-tech gangplank was interesting to watch as the gangplank itself consisted of metal slats that were raised electronically.Hi-tech gangplank

Our ferry, the Ulysses is the largest car ferry in the world, according to Irish Ferries.  The stats are quite impressive, i.e. it is 12 decks high, has 3 miles of car parking space and holds 1,342 cars and 2,000 passengers.  Facilities on board include restaurants, cinemas, TV lounges, children’s play area and two large lounge bars and a shop.  The Ulysses operate two return sailings each day between Holyhead and Dublin Port and the trip takes approximately 3 hrs 15 mins. 

Sailing into Dublin

We were rather impressed that there were cinemas on board and decided that a movie was the best way to past the time.  The 2003 movie Veronica Guerin was playing and on reflection, it probably wasn’t a smart movie choice to set the mood for our arrival in Dubin. 

Veronica Guerin is the true story of the assassinated Irish journalist, Veronica Guerin.  In the mid-1990s, Dublin resembled a war zone, with a few powerful drug lords battling for control.  Veronica was the crime reporter for the Sunday Independent investigating the criminal underworld in Ireland and she was gunned down in 1996.


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