Ring of Kerry Excursion – Ireland

DAY 10 – An excursion took us around the magical Ring of Kerry where we encountered a world of towering cliffs, lush lake Ring of Kerrylands and remote villages. As we passed through Ireland’s highest mountain range, the MacGillicuddy Reeks, we experienced a sense of the unhurried pace of Irish life surrounding us, especially when we reached the three peaceful Lakes of Killarney.

Ring of KerryThe Ring of Kerry is well-established route around the Iveragh Peninsula which takes you through scenic mountain and coastal views.  Slate-roofed fishing villages are scattered around the coast and along the cliffside,  mountain goats sheltered from the cold.  You can do the trip in either direction however visitors normally start and end at Killarney.  The Lakes of Killarney are well-known for its splendid scenery.

Sneem VillageAt lunchtime, we pulled into the village of Sneem which is on the northern side of Kenmare Bay.  Sneem Village’s main source of income is tourism and it is an ideal base for exploring the region.  One of the main attractions of this village is its colorful buildings.  There is also a quaint village green.  The village really Sneem colorful housescomes to life in first week of August when it celebrates the Welcome Home Festival.  The Festival is in honor of the numbers who left Ireland.  The Village is hour-glass shaped and divided in two by Sneem River.  The bridge over Sneem river is the focal point of the town.  The group had lunch at the Bank House which is now a B&B.  The village is very pretty and it was definitely better roaming the place than spending the available time having lunch.


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