Roman Baths – Bath, England

Roman occupation of Britain lasted for 350 years and during this period great forts, walls, towns and roads were built.  Bath was one of the main towns established by the Romans and the Roman Baths, or Aquae Sulis, were built between the 1st and 4th centuries around Entrance Hall, Roman Baths, Bath, Englanda natural hot spring.  A temple was also built and this was dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva.  Sulis Minerva portrayed the combined attributes of Sulis, the Celt water goddess and the Roman goddess Minerva.

Sulia Minerva, Bath, EnglandThe Roman site included the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple and its courtyard, the Facade of the Four Seasons, the bathing complex, the Great Bath, the east and west baths, the laconicum, the circular bath, the Spring overflow, the Roman drain and the King’s Bath.

In the reception hall to the bath, you’ll be given an audio machine and headset so that you can guide yourself around the exhibits.  One of the first key exhibits you’ll come across is the bronze head of Sulis Minerva. 


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