The Roman Baths – Bath – England

DAY 13 – It was the Romans who first built a magnificent temple and bath complex around Britain’s only hot springs and the town regained fame as a spa resort in the 18th century.  This World Heritage site is amazing to visit as you’ll be stepping on Roman Bathsgrounds where the Romans actually walked.

Reception HallOur visit commenced from the entrance hall where we were each given an audio guide.  As we guided ourselves and navigated through the various chambers, we viewed the sophisticated bathing chambers that the Romans had built over the four centuries that they were there and marvelled at their engineering skills at the time.

Sulis MinervaA bronze bust of Sulis Minerva was one of the first relics we came across.  When the Romans first built baths around the hot water springs, a temple was constructed and dedicated to Sulis Minverva, whose combined attributes reflected the qualities of the Celt water goddess Sulis and the Roman goddess Minerva.  Seek out the Sacred Spring where hot water has been flowing for thousands of years.

The TerraceThe Terrace overlooks the Great Bath and is lined with statues of famous Roman emperors, such as Julius Caesar.  Pump Room restaurantThey date to 1894 and were carved in advance of the grand opening of the Baths in 1897.  Once when you’re finished with the tour, call in at the Pump Room and have a taste of water from the spring which is claimed to promote wellness.  If you have time for lunch, there is also the neo-classical restaurant where you can dine in splendour.


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