Central Sofia Market Hall (Tsentralni Sofiyski Hali)

The Central Sofia Market Hall (Tsentralni sofiyski Hali), is a covered market in the centre of Sofia, on Marie Louise Boulevard.  Market HallPopularly known as The Market Hall (Halite), it was opened in 1911 and is today an important shopping centre in the city.

Central Sofia Market Hall, SofiaNaum Torbov was the architect appointed for the project.  The building took two years to complete and is regarded as Torbov’s best work.  The style is Neo-Renaissance, and features elements of Neo-Byzantine as well as Neo-Baroque architecture. Interesting features on the façade include the relief of the coat of arms of Sofia above the main entrance and the famous small clock tower with three dials on top of the edifice. The building was originally constructed with four entrances, although not all are used today.

Star of David Fountain, Central Market Hall, SofiaThe Market Hall used to be managed by the Sofia municipality up till the late 1940s. Rents and the quality of products sold were strictly regulated then. The Market Hall was closed in 1988 for reconstruction, with funding being provided by an Israeli company – see the Star of David fountain in the central part of the ground floor.

Walking around the ground floor, there were stalls selling foodstuff like olives, bread and pastries, nuts and sweets and rose oil products, etc.  On the upper level the shops sold stuff like clothing, accessories and jewellery shops.


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