More Sightseeing in Sofia – Bulgaria

You’ll know when you’ve reached the President’s administrative quarters when you see these smartly attired guards of honor Presidential quarters, Sofia, Bulgariastanding at the entrance to this building.  Alternatively, if you can read some Cyrillic, the words below the crest tells you that this is the Republic of Bulgaria – President.   The changing of the guards of honor occur daily on the hour and if you’re lucky, you’ll see them Changing of the guards, Sofia - Bulgariatrouping off in formation.  Ladies who love the sight of men in uniform – you’ll be impressed.

Opposite from the Sheraton Hotel, we came upon the Church of St. Nedelya. Nedelya was built in the period 1856-1863 on top of remains of the Roman town of Serdica.   It is a lovely and unique church which was almost demolished after a bomb explosion destroyed most of its original frame.  Our tour director mentioned the attempted assasination of King Boris III, perpetrated by leftist extremists, but  didn’t say where the church was.  We were very thrilled when we saw the plaque on the outside wall which confirmed that this was church where the 1925 assasination attempt took place.  King Boris was late for service that day and survived the assasination attempt, although many innocent people perished. The Remains of ancient city of Serdica, Sofiachurch was later painstakingly restored to its former glory.

During your city walking tour, you’ll probably be brought through an underground passageway, which happens to be part of the remains of the ancient city when it was known as Serdica.  It’s always an amazing and mind blowing experience to be walking on the very grounds where ancient civilizations existed centuries ago.


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