Christmas in Europe

For people who do not like the cold, a winter holiday does not normally come into consideration.  Having grown up in England, Tony still has vivid memories of waking up to the cold and damp of the mornings and the only warm relief was mum’s cup of tea to help the boys get out of bed and be ready for school.  As for me, my perception of Europe in winter was a romantic one gathered from Holywood movies, with pure white snow on the ground, happy people getting about doing their Christmas shopping, and beautiful snow-covered pines trees dotting the landscape.  When I suggested that we should experience a holiday in Europe in winter, Tony told me I definitely wouldn’t enjoy the experience – it would be freezing, grey, rainy and the ground would probably be mushy and muddy.  The only thing that sold him on a winter holiday was the attraction of visiting and experiencing the many Christmas markets. And this is how we ended up in Europe last winter….  

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