Christmas in Europe – Heidelberg

By the time we reached Heidelberg, it was dark and we were all cold and tired.  How wonderful it would be once we were back in the warmth of our hotel room.   Well! thoughts of warm comfort soon got dashed as were deposited at the Heidelberg markets.  As we stepped off the coach, the cold air gripped us – it was minus 1ºC. Do I really want to visit this market, I thought?  However,  once we got to the stalls and the realization of how huge this market was, I began to feel happier.  There were all kinds of stalls selling confectionary, hot food, gifts, etc.. and it was so colorful.  I couldn’t resist buying some freshly made biscuits and the speciality ‘adventsangebot‘, a very dense fruitloaf which weighed a tonne.  This lasted us for a whole week!

It was great walking around, soaking in the atmosphere and taking lots of snaps.  A group of high-spirited university students, decked with reindeer horns, spontaneously sang Christmas carols as people strolled past.  They kindly posed for a photoshoot for me .. see Heidelberg photo album.

After an hour or so, we were absolutely frozen and decided to retreat for our hotel for the night, the Crowne Plaza.  Along the main drag, there were shops on both sides of the street and more market stalls off the main street.  I must say I enjoyed this market and recommend it to anyone planning a Christmas markets tour.


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