Back at Luxor – Son et Lumiere – Nile River Cruise

This evening we arrived back at Luxor and we had the opportunity to attend a son et lumiere show at Karnak Temple. There were heaps of tourists there of course and everyone gathered outside the Temple gates, not quite knowing what to expect.  Then suddenly the place is in complete darkness before a part of the temple is then illuminated.  As you walk towards this illuminated spot a narrative begins, accompanied with some music.  This then goes on from point to point. 

When the location narratives were over, everyone is  moved to a seated area overlooking the sacred lake.  Here some light projections in the sky take place, accompanied by narrative and music.  I must say that whilst it was an experience, it wasn’t all that great.  The greater experience for us was being at the Temple at night and revisiting the great hypostyles and seeing those magnificent temple columns in the night.  After the show we were transported back to the boat where we continued the pleasantness of the evening by enjoying drinks with our fellow cruise companions.


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