Splendours of Egypt – Cairo

This morning our guide Mohammed gave a very thorough briefing on eating, drinking and acclimatising.  When I was packing for the trip, I was a bit concerned as to how strict it might be in regard to dress codes and how to dress for the heat and got conflicting advice on the internet.  Mohammed very quickly put our minds at ease and advised that there was no problem with western style dressing, except when visiting mosques.  He explained that if the mosque attendants deemed that you needed covering up, robes will be provided.

We were told that after being out in the heat, we should drink lukewarm water first, and then followed by cold drinks or beer if desired.  This is to ensure that you do not get stomach upsets with extreme temperature differences.  As far as photography is concerned, it pays to keep in mind where you can or cannot take snaps.  For example at the Cairo Museum, garden shots are fine, but you can’t take cameras into the Museum.  This caused a lot of worry for Tony as you had to deposit your cameras at a little shed just near the outside gate.  The cameras were placed on open wooden shelfs, within view of everyone.  If someone wanted to make a grab for all the camers, it looked easy enough to do, regardless of the police standing around. Likewise, at the Valley of the Kings for example, outside snaps are fine, but there’s no photography allowed in the tombs. 

Mohammed seemed like a very competent guide who was very keen to make sure that we were comfortable for the next couple of weeks whilst we explored this timeless land of the Pharoahs.


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