Splendours of Egypt – Cairo Museum

There are apparently 120,000 items on display and yet another 150,000 stored in the basement.  It would take months to go through all the items, but as we only had hours, we had to skim past many of the exhibits and only stopped at the centre pieces.  Pride of the collection are the artefacts from Tutankhamum’s tomb, especially the life-sized gold mask.

The museum is organized on two floors.  The artefacts on the ground floor are organized approximately in chronological order, whereas the collections on the first floor are arranged by themes. There was no photography of any kind allowed so you had to try and note down what you saw.  I vividly remember the Royal Mummy Room and checking out who the mummies were.  No. 175 – Amenhotep I was in good condition , 176 – Queen Menytamun was wife of Amenhotep I, 177 was Thuthmosis IV, 178 – Sety I, 179 – Rameses II, 180 – Merenptah, 181 – Rameses V, 185 – Tuthmosis II, etc.

It was in the news not too long ago that they’ve discovered even more exhibits in the basement section. For those keen on Egyptian history, this museum is not to be missed.


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