Devon and Cornwall's Secret to Happiness…

In a survey commissioned by DK Travel early this year for their first ever British regional guide, it was confirmed that the people in Devon and Cornwall are the happiest in Britain! Nearly a quarter (24%) of respondents in the West Country rated their ‘overall happiness in life’ as ‘very good’, compared to the survey’s national average of just 15%. A further 44% rating their ‘overall happiness’ as ‘good’, making the region the happiest in Great Britain.

Well, when you look at what Devon and Cornwall have to offer, it’s not really surprising that the people who live in these two counties are pretty satisfied with life. From enticing beaches to stunning moorland, art galleries, great pubs, fantastic seafood and great weather, why would anyone not be happy!

But, I think that the secret to the happiness of these folks in Devon and Cornwall is really their ubiquitous cream teas! Devon and Cornwall have the best cream teas in the world!

For a list of  where to find the best of these ‘deadly’ cream teas in Devon and Cornwall and what else these two counties have to offer the holiday maker see our posts below.

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