Best Western Mostyn Hotel, London – Hotel Review

London is an expensive city when it comes to finding good central hotel accommodation and this is especially so when your home currency is at a huge discount to the British Pound.

A Lucky Find at the Mostyn Hotel

You can sometimes get lucky though, as we were on this one trip. We were starting our tour from the Thistle Marble Arch Hotel at 5:15 a.m. in winter. A 5:15  a.m. start in any season is hardship for non-early risers like us and in winter, the thought was unbearable!  We could have stayed at the Thistle Marble Arch, but I didn’t fancy paying GBP 190 for a few hours sleep.   When searching for a hotel that was as close as possible to the Thistle in Bryanston Street, I had stern warnings from Tony that “we don’t want to be dragging our cases in the streets in the cold of the winter at 5:00 a.m.” I found the Best Western Mostyn Hotel at number 4 Bryanston Street, which according to their map looked quite close to the Thistle. At GBP 64 for the night, I figured we had plenty of spare change to afford a cab if it turned out that the Thistle wasn’t within easy walking distance.

Best Western Mostyn Hotel

Mostyn Hotel - London

A Pleasant Surprise at the Mostyn

We travelled by tube from Heathrow to Marble Arch and by the time we arrived it was already dark … and cold! When we reached the hotel, we were pleasantly relieved that the back entrance of the Thistle is exactly opposite to the Mostyn entrance. Phew! what a relief for me.

We did the usual check-in formalities and were given directions by the check-in clerk as to how to get to our room – straight down the corridor, turn right, turn left, go through a door, etc. etc. As we were trying to remember his lengthy instructions, we felt certain that we were headed towards the dungeon of the hotel. At GBP 64 a night this could well be the case for such a well-located hotel. When we finally reached our room opened the door, we had our next surprise, a beautiful room with plush velvet curtains, richly furnished lounge, magazines and books and a tea chest that was filled with a nice variety teas, hot chocolate and coffee. As I was looking around the room in disbelief, I heard a cry from Tony, somewhere from above me. There was a staircase leading to an upstairs room. We had in fact been given a lavish suite that occupied two levels and was quite luxuriously furnished, all for GBP 64.  What a lucky find!

Best Western Mostyn Hotel

Mostyn Hotel - London

About the Mostyn Hotel

The Mostyn Hotel is part of the Best Western Group and is located just off from Marble Arch and right by the famous shopping area of Oxford Street. The hotel building itself has an interesting history. It was built originally by John Adam as a stately home for a certain Lady Black. This was in the early 1700’s when Lady Black was a lady-in-waiting to the court of King George II. Many of the original Georgian features of the building remain today such as the ornate ceilings in the restaurant and the conference rooms.

Well we enjoyed our luxurious suite for the night and didn’t want to leave the next morning. We said to the Desk Manager that the room was fantastic and he said “Yes, the normal rate is GBP 300 a night”. Gulp! It’s no wonder the room was so plush and  comfortable.


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