Finding the right Hotel for your Europe holiday

A very important part of any holiday planning is making sure that you have a nice place to stay at your destination.  Unless you have buckets of money, then finding the right place and at the right price requires quite a bit of research.

Fortunately, these days many of the on-line hotel reservation websites make things a bit easier for you.  There is usually a map provided and you can refine your hotel search to your preferred location, and the price range that fits your budget.

Where to look and why is location important?

If you’ve not been to the destination before and don’t know which location to be close to, then check out where the main tourist attractions are and look at places in the vicinity of these sights.  Do not sacrifice convenience of location for a place that’s cheap, but which is miles out of town.  Some of the cities do not have good public transport or if  available, it may not run in the evenings or the service is very limited.  Before you think of jumping into a taxi, consider if this is going to burn a hole in your budget.

Finding a nice hotel room

Finding a nice hotel room

The biggest benefit of having your hotel closer to the heart the city’s attractions is that you can be out all day sightseeing, come back to your room in the late afternoon for a rest and then be out again for dinner or to enjoy the city’s nightlife.  Believe me, when your hotel is way out of town, you’ll not feel like going out again at night after a busy day out.

Finding a good hotel made easy

On our Hotel Choices page are few of the larger on-line hotel booking sites.  All these are reputable companies that offer a huge range of hotels, villas, apartments and other rented accommodation that you can book online.

The Comparison Hotel Guide is a nifty service that will do all the initial legwork for you.  When you enter your destination city and the dates of your stay, hey presto, in less than a minute it searches all the leading hotel reservation sites and direct hotel sites to find the best available hotel deals for you!  You’ll see that there can be a marked difference in prices quoted for a particular hotel and this Guide sorts it all out for you.

There are thousands of hotels from the various hotel sites and to make your search more targeted, you should refine your search criteria by distance and price.  There’s no point looking at hotels that cost Euro 500 if your budget is no where near this.  The greatest part of this Comparison Guide is that it finds for you specials that a particular booking site may have on offer.  You may get lucky and find a great hotel at a price you’re willing to pay.

A bit of pre-holiday hotel research helps ensure that you don’t get nasty surprises on your holidays.   Besides, finding the right deal could also mean that you’ll have more money for that extra shopping, always a good incentive!

For our Hotel Choices page, click here.  Happy Hunting!

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