The Cutty Sark

We were shocked to hear tonight that there was a fire on board the Cutty Sark and that the fire may have been lit deliberately.  If this were true, then we absolutely cannot fathom why anyone would want to destroy such a famous part of maritime history. 

We were lucky that we took the time to go to Greenwich in recent times and got to view the Cutty Sark in all its glory.  The fact that some 15 million visitors come to see it each year confirms the attraction and interest that people hold for this marvellous ship.  How fortunate it is that 50% of the planking had been removed for renovation works before the fire and what a relief that consultants believe that the ship can be saved, although at a greater cost.

To everyone who’s interested in the Cutty Sark and it’s role in maritime history, how about sending GBP 1.00 to your local British consulate or high commission for onwarding to the Cutty Sark Trust.  Every bit helps in speeding up the restoration works.


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