Miltenberg – European River Cruise

Today we visit two charming towns which are known for their beautiful wooden framed houses. Our first stop was Miltenberg, a town which dates back to the medieval period.  In the town, you will see two 14th century gateways.  Wuerzburger Tor is one of Wuerzburger Tortwo gateways that mark the boundaries of Miltenberg.

Significant wine production contributed to the general wealth of the city and affluence of its citizens during the 14th C. Wine was being exported both to Nuremberg and Frankfurt. The special privilege to hold St Michael’s Fair was granted to the citizens of Miltenberg by the Archbishops and Prince Electors of Mainz in 1367. The census of 1620 showed not one farmer living in town. Their prosperity allowed the rich burghers to procure their food for the Wooden housesmoney from the neighboring villages. 

Miltenberg’s cultural wealth and affluence are reflected in its beautiful medieval and Renaissance architecture.  A highlight of any visit to Miltenberg is its market square – Marktplatz.  The finest traditional half-timbered houses can be seen here.  Another key feature of the square is the Marktbrunnen, a Rennaisance fountain.  

There’s great photo opportunities here.  As you walk around town, you will come across  the Staffelbrunnen, an example of one of the relay wells built in 1611.  At no. 97 Hauptstrasse you will find Gasthaus Zum Riesen is Germany’s oldest inn, offering traditional food and a range of specialty beers.

Miltenberg thrived on its income from river traffic. That’s still true, but nowadays it’s tourists rather than traders who bring in the cash!


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