Regensburg – European River Cruise

This morning we started off with a walking tour of Regensburg, one of Germany’s best preserved medieval cities.  Regensburg has many mediaeval buildings that survived the war and its patricians’ houses are famous in Germany. This Goliath House - Regensburgmedieval town contains many exceptional buildings that attest to its history as a trading centre and to its influence on the region from the 9th century. 

Regensburg’s 11th to 13th century architecture – including the market, City Hall and Cathedral, still defines the character of the town which is marked by tall buildings, dark, narrow lanes, and strong fortifications. The buildings include medieval Patrician houses and towers, a large number of churches and monastic ensembles as well as the Alte KapelleOld Bridge, which dates from the 12th century. The town is also remarkable for its rich institutional and religious history as one of the centres of the Holy Roman Empire that transformed to the Protestant faith.  Things to see include St. Peter’s Cathedral, the exterior of the Goliath House, the Roman Porta Pretoria – now leading to a pleasant outdoor restaurant in the Abbey precincts – and the restored Town Hall.

We searched and found the Alte Kapelle, a white and gold Old Chapel that contains some stunning Rococo stuccoes.  It really is worth seeing, as you can see from the number of shots we took: on our trip, I think we were the only ones who sought it out.

After the town walk, many were keen to try Regensburg specialty Bratwurst for which the town is famed.  Our boat was docked Bratwurst restaurantright in the city, not too far from Regensburg’s famous Stone Bridge (“Steinerne Brücke“, built 1135-1146) and the bratwurst restaurant is on the waterfront.  Follow your nose and you’ll most certainly find it.  The place was really busy at lunchtime. I stood discreetly by the kitchen entrance taking snaps.  The bewildered chefs must be wondering at this silly tourist who was more interested in taking shots of sausages cooking, rather than eating them.

For those in the market for more German souvenirs, Regensburg is also the place where you can buy your cookoo clocks.  Cookoo and goodbye!


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