Rüdesheim – European River Cruise

We had an early lunch today as we were scheduled for an onshore visit in Rüdesheim.  Where the boat docked, there were mini-trains waiting to transport us to Siegfried’s Musical Instrument Museum for a tour. Siegfried's Museum

In this Museum, you’ll see one of the largest collections of self-playing musical instruments, robotic automatons and the like in the world.  Some of the instruments are the most sophisticated examples of fine mechanical art put to the service of popular entertainment. The collection covers a great range including the most varied instruments, ranging from a delicate musical watch right up to the gigantic concert piano-orchestrion.  The guides who took us around explained the aspects and history of the instruments and were all very enthusiastic, even though they may have done the presentations a million times before.  Many of the visitors were happy to tip them appropriately.

After the Museum visit, we had a little free time in Rüdesheim to do wine-tasting, walk around to look for souvenirs (the main street is the Drosselgasse) or dash around to take snaps of the town which was what Tony did.

Asbach coffeeWe all then met at the Breuer’s Rüdesheimer Schloss where we were treated to a demonstration of how Asbach coffee is made… and more importantly, you’ll get to drink it.  The making of the coffee was quite a performance and I imagine during the local festivals there’d be Asbach making competitions.  Whilst the drink tasted nice, it was a giant mug, and a bit too early in the day for an alcoholic drink – for me at least!Statue of Germania

After Rüdesheim, we travelled by coach to meet up with the boat again up river, just before Frankfurt. It must be more economical to do it this way, rather than travel up river loaded with passengers.  Along the way, a stop was made at the Statue of Germania which was built to commemorate victory in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. From this viewpoint, we had a splendid view of the River and sprawling vineyards.


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