Carcassonne – A Double-walled Medieval Town

So, I got somewhat side-tracked in the last week by yet another impending wedding, this one of my cousin from Singapore.  Family and Carcassonne, Francerelatives are flying in and hence the hunt for accommodation, making dinner plans and thinking of things for the folks to do.  My brother coolly requested for 4* or better hotel but at 3* prices, sending me into paroxysmic panic!  So, I’m scouring the net for deals everynight, and neglecting my blogs.

Carcassonne, FranceNow that I’ve found some reasonable accommodation at 3* price, I hope, it’s back to Carcassonne.  An unusual feature of this medieval walled town is that it has two rings of walls.  The first or external wall was built during the reign of Louis IX when the town was part of the royal estates, forming the seat of Senelschalsy.  During this same period, earthworks were carried out in the space between the two sets of walls (jousting grounds) and the Gallo-Roman or inner wall was strengthened.  Carcassonne was first as a Gaul settlement, then became a Roman town fitted with ramparts as early as the 3rd and 4th centuries A.D.  This picture of the town layout shows the double wall.Carcassonne model, France

Much of the Gallo-Roman wall is still clearly visible today.  It consists of small, regular bonding with brick stringing.  The remainder of the inner wall dates from the reign of Philip the Fair.  There is free access to walk between the two ramparts, however visit to the inner wall is only available with guided tours.


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