Beaune – Country Roads of France

As you drive towards Beaune on the Cote d’Or, the village names read like an elite wine list.  In the town itself you can visit the Hotel de Dieu on your own. Wonder through the different rooms where the poor were cared for, and read about (and see) how a hospital was run in the past. The main courtyard gives you a good view of the spectacular yellow and brown tiled roof.  The restored triptych in its darkened room shines like a gold and jewelled inlay, I don’t know how much is original, but it’s the best example I’ve seen, at least as far as condition is concerned.

The Museum of Wine is relatively small, but be sure to search out the huge wooden presses in the attached barn building.

See our photos from Beaune here and the Cote d’Or here

Tony Page

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