Where to Shop in Germany

England, France and Italy are well known as popular shopping destinations and locals and visitors alike are familiar with where to go to shop and what to shop for in these places.  Everyone loves a bargain, and at sales times television footages frequently show masses of people descending upon the stores and like swarms of locust, they clean out every sale item, worthwhile and not so worthwhile, that they can get their hands on!

Well, it appears that Germans love to shop as well and it it’s been said that shopping is a national past-time.  So, why haven’t we heard more about Germany as a shopping destination.  Apart from the Mercedes Benz, BMW or a Porsche, is there anything else that you could afford to buy on your German holidays?  In the following posts are tips on where to shop on your German holidays.

Designer Outlet Shopping in Germany
Shopping in Berlin
Shopping in Frankfurt
Shopping in Munich

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