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The City of Venice has recently introduced Venice Connected, an on-line facility where you can buy your airport transfer, transport, museum, car parking and even toilet services tickets on-line.  The Venice Connected ticket prices are based on your planned date of travel and vary depending on whether it’s Low/Medium season, Medium/High season or Peak period. Their colour-coded calendar will show you which season you’ve selected.  The price difference between Low and Full Price can vary by up to 33%

About Venice Connected

The system is very simple to use.  When you select your date and the particular service you require, you will be provided with a range of choices.  For transport tickets for example, you can select tickets starting from 12 hours to 7 days

The information symbol explains to you the conditions of use for the ticket.  To benefit from the on-line price savings, you’ll need to book at least 7 days in advance.  If you book 2 days in advance, you will be paying the Full Price, as if you were buying tickets on the spot. You can buy as many different tickets as you like as long as you know the dates you’re going to use them – tickets must be activated for the start date selected.

There’s been a little confusion as to Venice Connected and the VENICECard.  VENICECards are still being sold, but they are not available on-line.  Venice Connected is the on-line ticketing system that allows you to pick and choose whatever services you require and saves you having to stand in queues when you’re there.

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