Shrine of Fatima – Christmas Exhibition

For pilgrims and others visiting Our Lady of Fatima Shrine over Christmas and the holiday season, the Department of Art and Patrimony of the Shrine of Fatima (DAP) has organized a new exhibition with its theme focusing on the concept of “Light“.

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine

Our Lady of Fatima Shrine

Between 6th December 2009 and February 2010, those on a pilgrimage to Fatima will be able to see some of the most valuable candles donated to Our Lady of Fatima. The candles will be on display in the entrance hall of Convivium de Santo Agostinho, in the complex of Most Holy Trinity Church.

According to the DAP, the theme of the exhibition is a reminder of what St. John wrote in the Prologue to his Gospel “the Word was the true Light”.

Through the figures engraved in them, these candles are perpetual symbols of Christ Light of the World and solemn testimonies of His light.

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