Holidays in Portugal

When considering holiday destinations where the dollar is still well respected, Portugal comes to mind.  Portugal has been in the news Monument of Discoveries, Lisbon, Portugala lot recently, but for the wrong reasons.  As the world press chase their scandals and stories of the missing McCann child, not much else is mentioned on the country itself.

Fatima's Shrine, Fatima, PortugalAlthough Portugal is one of the oldest nation states in Europe, its history is not widely studied or known. Many travellers these days go to Portugal for two unique reasons: some have a religious ambition to visit Fatima’s shrine whilst others come in search of sun, sand and sea and they head for the stunning beaches of Algarve for their holidays.

The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths and Moors have all ruled Portugal at some stage in its long history. With Bellem Tower, Lisbon, Portugalits layers of complex history, supreme maritime explorations and conquests and periods of domestic strife, there certainly is a lot to uncover and learn of this tiny country.  Starting from Lisbon, the Belem Tower, from where the great explorers set sail and Monument of Discoveries are great reminders of its glorious past.  Then there’s the magnificent palaces of Sintra, the varied architecture and amazing painted ceramic tiles that Portugal is famous for.

Portugal is a country steeped in ancient traditions and no matter where you go, there’s always festivals or religious celebrations that add colour to your holiday experience. Portuguese wine production has also improved in quality through the adoption of modern wine-making techniques so there’s more to Portuguese wine than Mateus Rose or ports.


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