Revolution Square and Mineriada – Bucharest, Romania

Romania’s bloody revolutions of December 1989 and June 1990 remain some of the country’s darkest moments in modern history.  At Revolution Square this afternoon, we are reminded of the bloody murders of hundreds of people, hundreds of others were injured and thousands were illegally arrested during a three-day long government supported riot.  The Mineriada of June 1990 is believed to be linked to the 1989 revolt.  The real stories behind both these horrendous events remain guarded secrets.

On the morning of December 21, 1989, a large crowd that was brought in to stage cheer Nicolae Ceausescu instead jeered him on live television during a rally in Plata Resolutiel.  The rally soon turned into an anti-communist riot and things got out of control in the square.  Gunfire erupted to disperse the crowd, however it’s unclear as to whether this was order by members of the Ceaucescu regime or the National Salvation Front who were about to seize power.  Could the truth not be established due to mass confusion or a case of censorship?


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