Sultan Ahmet Square – Istanbul

Sultan Ahmet Square is the central point around which many of Istanbul’s historical and interesting sites can be found, such as the Hippodrome, Blue Mosque Sultan Ahmet Square - Istanbul(Sultan Ahmet Camii), Hagia Sophia), and the underground Basilica Cistern(Yerebatan Sarayi). After you’re through with visits inside these monuments, it is worthwhile spending time ambling around the square as the atmosphere is pleasant and its interesting observing the varied activities of locals as opposed to tourists whose single purpose is to snap anything they can with their cameras.

Sultan Ahmet Square benches - IstanbulThere are rows of benches where you can sit, relax and enjoy the view of either the Blue Mosque or Hagia Sophia.  It was a hot day and a couple of these drink vendors were doing a good trade quenching the thirst of tourists.  They are very colorfully clad and the pouring of the drink itself is a performance that’s enjoyable to watch.  But beware, whilst busily doing theirColorful drink vendor - Sultanahmet Square Istanbul trade, they are also on the watchout for tourists who may be taking snaps of them without buying their drink.  I’m always reluctant to buy the drink, just in case I didn’t like it, and I wouldn’t like to offend them by not drinking.

Fountain in Sultan Ahmet Square IstanbulIn the middle of the garden, there is a pond with seats around it so that one can rest and enjoy the central fountain shooting out water.  As we were enjoying watching the cool of the water, the fountain comes to life and more and more jets of water started shooting up.  It was a spectacular performance and so beautiful that I think we took too many shots. Turkish Hats

When the fountain show is complete, stroll around and enjoy the goods that’s are on sale, including hats, clothing and maps.  Stalls like this one selling corn is very common. 


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