Pump Rooms – Roman Baths, Bath, England

To experience the elegance of the traditional English tearooms of the past, a visit to the Pump Room will provide a glimpse of what this social centre was like for the aristocrats in the 18th century. Drinking fountain, Pump Room, Bath, England

The Pump Room was originally the salon to which hot Spa water is drawn for drinking.  At the reception hall to the Pump Room stands this beautiful drinking fountain from which you’ll be offered a glass of water to drink.  Spring water from the Roman Baths is believed to promote wellness.  It is believed to contain some 43 minerals, but has an unusual taste.   Curative, it may be, but I didn’t like the taste of the water.  Sorry, give me my cold sparkling San Pellegrino or Badoit anytime!  Apart from being drinking water, the hot spa water is used to heat up the Roman Baths and Pump Room in winter. 

Pump Room, Roman Baths, EnglandThe Pump Room is a striking neo-classical salon and for more than two centuries, it was the social centre of Bath.  If you have time for a meal here, the Pump Room serves contemporary English food in elegant surroundings and you may well be treated like an aristocrat.  Alternatively, you could experience one of the quintessential British gastronomic experience and enjoy afternoon tea here. 


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    Very brave of you to drink the water! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

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