Christmas in Europe – Oberammergau

Everything was pretty shut when we arrived in Oberammergau, but there were still plenty to see just walking around town.  It’s not a big town and I dread to think what the place would be like when the Passion Play is on.  The next Passion Play is in 2010 and apparently ticket bookings open from next year.

More than 200 years ago, people who could afford, had their houses painted by artists, using the fresco technique.  Stroll through Oberammergau’s “Dorfstrasse” and you’ll see colourful pictures on pretty facades, something that Bavarians call ‘Lueftlmalerei’.  Most prominent of these painted houses are the ‘Forsthaus’, the ‘Mußldomahaus’ and, last but not least, the ‘Pilatushaus’ with its ornate architectural fantasies.  Luckily, this tradition has been kept up today.

Oberammeragau is also famous for its woodcarving.  There are some 120 wood craftsmen in Oberammergau and walking around the shops you will see lots of carvings depicting the nativity, etc.  I was fortunate the Leonhard Holdrick, Jr. didn’t mind me taking snaps of him at work.



  1. Comment by Oberammergau Passion Play 2010

    Even when the passion play isn’t going on, Oberammergau is still a beautiful town. When it is going on though, it is a pretty amazing experience. The whole town really comes together to welcome its visitors and puts on a truly spectacular show. Most people who visit come during that period but if you are able to see it while its going on and while its not going on, the difference is pretty remarkable.

  2. Comment by Helen

    Thanks for sharing your experience of Oberammergau at Passion Play time. We were there at Christmas and the place was really pretty. I can’t imagine it with hoards of people in town, but it seems from your comments that it’s a spectacular experience. Good luck for Oberammergau 2010.

    Kind regards,

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