All's Well that Ends Well – Well Not Really…

It seems that in Shakespeare Country all is not well. The tourist information centre in William Shakespeare’s home town has closed its doors.

“Shakespeare Country”, which runs the tourist information centre, is a partnership between the private company South Warwickshire Tourism and two councils.   Stratford-on-Avon District Council has decided not to renew its funding of Shakespeare Country, causing it to close.

Shakespeare's house in Stratford

Stratford upon Avon is one of the more popular tourist destinations in England with around four million visitors each year, so one would ask where is the sense in shutting down its tourist information office?

Visitors to Shakespeare Country are currently being directed to an alternative information ”office” at the town’s leisure centre, which is adjacent to the council-owned tourist information centre.   The council has stated that it was fully committed to tourism and aimed to reopen a tourist information centre in Stratford as soon as possible.

Truth will come to light as to what’s going on in Shakespeare Country.


  1. Comment by Tony Merrygold

    Things in Shakespeare Country have moved on since the beginning of April. The local council have opened a new tourist information office in Stratford. the tourist information centre is open in Warwick. The main website for the area has remained working throughout and continues to list both attractions and accommodation in the local area. Many of the guesthouses update their online availability every day and can be booked online and there are about 600 events listed in the online events diary.

    Shekspeare Country is alive and well and thriving.

  2. Comment by Helen

    Tony, Thanks for your update on Shakespeare Country. Helen

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