A Special Wedding Invitation – Carcassonne, France

We had a very special wedding invitation tonight – our friends Nick and Sandy from London are getting married in France in Carcassone, Provence, FranceSeptember.  According to the Information Sheet, Nick and Sandy have booked a whole chateau hotel for their wedding party. 

Carcassone Main Gate, Provence, FranceThe Chateau des Ducs de Joyeuse is 22 miles south of Carcassonne, an amazing medieval fortress town. Guests will be accommodated in the chateau for the whole weekend, compliments of the couple.  What a generous gesture by these guys.  Well Nick and Sandy have gone into exceptional detail to assist their guests with information.  Their Information Sheet covers flight instructions, car rentals, where to get the cheapest on-line deals and even car-Carcassone, Francepooling arrangements for those who do not wish to drive.  What a classy act!

Apart from wanting to share in our friends’ wedding, Carcassonne is a place that we would absolutely love to re-visit and have a longer stay there.  This wedding invite has spurred me on to do my next few blogs on Carcassonne


  1. Comment by Mandino

    This is a very nice destination but it seems that with all the antiquities and stuff of the olden times, it would rather be more beautiful if the place is more onto nature, which is quite relaxing.
    Mandino P. Cheng

  2. Comment by Aix

    Carcassonne is very beautiful indeed and France has some of the most beautiful chateau’s in the world. You should check out the one in Nimes. It’s my favorite one by far.

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