Troyes is not really shaped like a champagne cork, but still worth visiting

Troyes, the old political capital of Champagne, isn’t shaped like a champagne cork as far as I can see, I reckon that idea was the product of some tourist marketing man’s over-fertile imagination, but the old town is certainly worth visiting, with many 15th century buildings – some containing very 21st century restaurants…

Don’t miss the medieval gardens. There are three, one in the Hôtel de Vauluisant (XVIe) – 4 rue de Vauluisant – Tél:, one in the Maison de l’Outil et de la Pensee Ouvriere, Hôtel de Mauroy (XVIe) – 7, rue de la Trinité – Tél: and one somewhere else that I’ll add later, but it’s listed when you visit the other ones.

They’re really like small courtyards with flower beds, but the variety of plants is interesting, and the buildings historic and worth your scrutiny. The Maison de l’Outil (House of Tools) has a huge collection of very well-used anvils and lasts – makes you think of how many years people spent working on them. The three gardens consist of one full of aromatic herbs and plants, one of herbs and plants used in cooking, and one of plants used for medicinal purposes.

Tony Page

PS See our photos from Troyes here

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