Egyptian Spice Market – Istanbul

The Egyptian Spice market is the oldest bazaar in Istanbul.  After the Grand Bazaar, the Egyptian Spice Market is the second largest covered market.  It was named Mısır Çarşısı or Egyptian Bazaar because the spices used to be imported from Egypt.Egyptian Spice Market Istanbul

To explore this bustling market, head for Eminou, near the mouth of the Golden Horn.   In the bazaar you’ll find Spices in the Egyptian Spice Market Istanbulheaps of spices,  stacks of dates, all kinds of tantalising Turkish sweets, including Turkish delight with various nuts in them, dried foods and much more.  For centuries, the Turkish people have been coming to the Spice Market to buy herbal remedies  to help alleviate symptoms of diseases and remedies for infertility and weight loss, etc.  I was more interested in tasting the Turkish delight Egyptian Spice Market - Herbs and spicesand other sweets that were being offered.  They were very tempting and it took a lot of restrain to stop myself from buying some. 

My friend the Kebab seller - Spice Market IstanbulIf you feel peckish after all your walking, there is also cooked food that you can buy.  At this kebab sandwich stall, the owner was offering tastings of his kebabs, however we had to decline as we don’t eat meat.  He then offered to pose in our photo.

Outside the Spice Market there were all sorts of other goods being sold as well.  It was a very colorful experience and one not to be missed.


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    It’s good to read about the spice market – I find it so useful when I want to stock with herbs and spices. I think it is markets such as this that really add to the character of Istanbul, and help to make it make it so unique.

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