Where to go

Bansko - relaxing on the slopes

Bansko – Nightlife in the Leading East European Ski Resort

If you're into partying as well as skiing, Bansko is the place!Bansko, Bulgaria, is a fantastic budget ski resort, located about 155 km south of the capital, Sofia, in the Pirin Mountains. If you don’t want to have to sell one of your organs to pay for your next skiing trip then Eastern Europe … [Read More...]

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Things to see

St Sofia Feast Day Ceremony

St. Sofia Day Celebrations in Sofia, Bulgaria

Helen meets a President on her Bulgarian holidays:It's not everyday that one meets a President of a country whilst on holiday and it's certainly not something that you plan for in your travel itinerary. So if by some fluky alignment of the planets, an extraordinary encounter like this happens, … [Read More...]

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Shopping in the city centre

Shopping on your Sofia holiday, Bulgaria

The Shopping Scene:Over the past years more multinational companies have been setting up in Sofia and there are now more luxurious hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment centres in the city centre.  Along the big boulevards like Tsarigradsko Shousse and Nikola Vaptsarov, a … [Read More...]

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Eating and Drinking

Snezhanka - a thick creamy yoghurt

Eating out in Bulgaria

What Bulgarians eat:Although Bulgarians love their meats, salads and soups are also important elements of their cuisine.  Traditional cuisine combines influences from the Ottoman Empire with peasant cooking styles.Fresh vegetables are plentiful and these are eaten raw, roasted or stewed … [Read More...]

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Useful Facts


Find a Bulgaria Phone Code or Phone Number

Bulgaria Phone Codes, Phone Numbers and Telephone Directories Finding a phone or mobile phone number in Bulgaria is NOT easy. A residential telephone directory does not seem to exist, or I couldn't find one. Business phone books fare a little better, … [Read More...]

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