Where to go

Medieval Ghent

Ghent – Famous for its Mystic Lamb

GHENT RIVALS BRUGES FOR ITS RICH TREASURY OF MEDIEVAL HERITAGE: With it’s quaint and medieval town centre made up of narrow canals, cobbled traffic-free streets and a fine castle and cathedral, Ghent (Gent in Dutch) is a very alluring place to visit, especially when it’s just a half hour train … [Read More...]

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Things to see

Orval Beer

A Visit to Orval, Famous for its Orval Trappist Beer

THE ORVAL BREWERY IS ONE OF THE TEN TRAPPIST BREWERIES IN EXISTENCE: From Dinant, we travelled south, taking the pretty country roads of the Semois Valley to Orval. Orval is of course famous for its Trappist beer and this visit was going to be one of the highlights of Tony's Belgium visit. He'll … [Read More...]

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Buying lace in Belgium

World-Class Belgian Lace

BELGIAN LACE IS ANOTHER OF THE COUNTRY'S FAMOUS EXPORTS: Belgium is famous for its chocolates and beers, but one important Belgian export which is perhaps not too well-publicised is Belgian lace. Belgium's lacemakers have been a vital contributor to the country's economy since the 12th … [Read More...]

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Eating and Drinking


Cuberdon – A Taste of the Ghent Nose

CUBERDONS OR GENTSE NEUS (GHENT NOSE) ARE A VERY POPULAR GHENT SWEET: On our recent trip to Ghent, we were introduced to the Cuberdon a very popular Belgian sweet. Cuberdon is also known as neuzeke (little nose) or Gentse neus (Ghent nose) because it is shaped like a nose. Little did we know … [Read More...]

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Getting around


Airport Transfers: Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL)

Ground Transportation from/to Brussels South Charleroi Airport is easy: If you're travelling to Brussels on budget carriers like Ryanair, Wizz Air, Jetairfly, etc., you will land at Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Charleroi Airport is in Charleroi which is approximately 46 kilometres (29 miles) … [Read More...]

Useful Facts

NH Brugge Hotel

NH Brugge Hotel in Bruges

HOTEL REVIEW - NH BRUGGE HOTEL: In Bruges, we stayed for two nights at the NH Brugge Hotel. The NH Brugge is a four-star hotel located on the Brugge ring road. Although the hotel describes its location as being "tucked away in the historic … [Read More...]

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