Where to go

Edam Harbour

Edam – Better Known for its Edam Cheese

There is More to Edam Than Its Famous Edam Cheese: Edam is a city in the province of Noord-Holland that is famous for its cheese of the same name. Long before many of us would step on the shores of the city of Edam, the round ball of Edam cheese, coated in red paraffin wax, would already have … [Read More...]

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Things to see

On the road in Holland

A Cycling Adventure in Holland

Holland is a Cyclist's Paradise! The Netherlands is well known around the world for its love of bikes – so where could be better for a cycling holiday in Europe? With great cycle highways (complete with their own traffic lights) and more bikes than people, Holland is a cyclist’s paradise. This … [Read More...]

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Vat Tax Refund - Schiphol

How to Claim Your VAT Refund at Schiphol Airport

Allow Time If You're Claiming Your VAT Tax Refund at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: Although, we did all our shopping in Italy, Amsterdam was our final port of exit from the EU and this was where we had to have our VAT refund processed.  This was good as it gave us the opportunity to check out the … [Read More...]

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Eating and Drinking

The famous Art Deco Amsterdam American Hotel

Café Americain – Amsterdam’s Art Deco Grand Café

Dinner at Amsterdam's Art Deco Grand Café: Amsterdam has a number of grand cafés where you can enjoy dining in elegance and on our one free night in Amsterdam, we chose to dine at Café Americain, the oldest of the grand cafés in this city. Café Americain is one of the restaurants of the … [Read More...]

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Getting around

Venlo Railway Station by J.Roßkamp

Venlo Railway Station – Venlo, Netherlands

Venlo Railway Station in Venlo Has Good Connections to Major Dutch Cities: Venlo Railway Station serves the town of Venlo and is part of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen railway network, one of the Dutch railway operators. Although Venlo is a small town of only 90,000 people, it is well connected by … [Read More...]

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Useful Facts

CitizenM Schiphol

CitizenM – Amsterdam Airport Hotel

CitizenM Amsterdam Airport Hotel Review: For the convenience of being able to walk from your airport hotel to the airport check-in desk, we can expect to pay a decent amount of money.  So when an airport hotel offers affordable luxury and the … [Read More...]

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News & Events


Koningsdag 2014 – King’s Day in Amsterdam

KONINGSDAG OR KING'S DAY IS THE OFFICIAL BIRTHDAY OF THE KING OF NETHERLANDS: Since 1949, the Dutch have been celebrating Koninginnedag or Queen's Day (or Queensday) on April 30th.  All that changed on April 30, 2013 when King Willem-Alexander … [Read More...]

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