Where to go

Hospice de Beaune

Beaune – Capital of Burgundy Wines

The Varnished-Tile Roofs of Beaune's Hôtel-Dieu is the Symbol of Burgundy Abroad: Unlike Chablis and Dijon, Beaune is not a town that bears the name of a famous wine or a Burgundian product. The varnished-tile roofs of the Hospices de Beaune is the most recognisable symbol of Burgundy abroad, … [Read More...]

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Things to see

Champs-Elysées - Christmas Illuminations

Christmas in Paris 2014 – What to Do in Paris at Christmas

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, CHRISTMAS MARKETS AND CONCERTS ARE SOME THINGS TO DO IN PARIS: When it comes to things to see and do in Paris, it would take a lifetime of visits to cover all the attractions that Paris has to offer. And if you are visiting at Christmas time, there are some additional festive … [Read More...]

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Gallery Lafayette, Paris

Paris Sale – Paris is the Shopping Capital of the World

During the January Paris Sale, the City Transforms into a Bargain Basement for Fashion: Any city which starts the new year with a huge sale must be a serious shopping city. And yes, Paris is a serious shopping city! The year begins with the launch of its winter sales, which lasts for five … [Read More...]

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Eating and Drinking

Reblochon Cheese

Reblochon – The Cheese Name With Quite a Story

Reblochon Cheese is From the Haute-Savoie Region and is AOC Accredited: We first came across Reblochon cheese when we were travelling in Annecy. This soft washed-rind and smear-ripened French cheese is a specialty of the Haute-Savoie region and so as cheese lovers we had some of this delicious … [Read More...]

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Getting around

Getting to Normandy © Travel Signposts

Getting to Normandy

Getting to Normandy is Easy by Air, Sea or Rail: Normandy is situated in the northwest of France and is very well connected by air, sea or rail transportation. Ferries to Normandy Just across the English Channel, Normandy has more cross-Channel ferry routes than any other region.  The region … [Read More...]

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Useful Facts

France Tricolor

Money in France: the Euro

France: Money: All about the Euro (€) As of January 1, 2002, the euro (€) replaced the national currency of 12 countries within the European Union, including France. You can exchange currency at any bank branch (hours are listed … [Read More...]

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News & Events

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