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Bodrum Tea House

Discovering Bodrum

A Cup of Turkish Coffee helps Jay Artale appreciate Turkey's Bodrum Peninsula "Türk Kahvesi Lütfen." I'd ordered my first cup of Turkish Coffee seamlessly, or so I thought. But my request was met with a barrage of Turkish I had no chance of understanding.  After a moments silence and my blank … [Read More...]

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Things to see

Perga colonnaded street

Perge Was Once a Very Important City in Pamphylia

Perge is An Important Ancient Turkey Site:Perge (Perga in Greek) was once a very important city in the region of Pamphylia and the ancient ruins of Perge is located about 18 km east of Antalya near the town of Aksu.Ancient Perga Perge is located near the Kestros River and was originally a … [Read More...]

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Avanos Pottery Factory

A Shopping Stop for Exquisite Avanos Pottery

Avanos is Town Famous for its Turkish Crafts, Especially Pottery and Ceramics:Just north of the Göreme National Park is Avanos, a town and district that is noted for its Turkish craft skills. Carpet-weaving and tapestry-making are important local skills, but it is the Avanos pottery and … [Read More...]

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Eating and Drinking


Turkish Delight – A Stop for Some Delightful Lokum

Lokum or Turkish Delight Is A Popular Turkish Sweet:On the way from Cumalikizik to Gordion we stopped by a roadside confectionery shop that was full of Turkish delights, not just lokum, but the very popular kestane sekeri (candied chestnuts), fruit gums, chocolate with pistachio and … [Read More...]

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Getting around

Ataturk International Airport

Istanbul Airport Transfer – Atatürk Airport (IST)

Istanbul Airport Transportation - Atatürk Airport:Atatürk International Airport (Atatürk Uluslararası Havalimanı) is Istanbul's main airport and most international visitors to Istanbul arrive at this airport, except for those flying on low-cost carriers which mostly operate out of Sabiha Gökçen … [Read More...]

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Useful Facts

Weather in Antalya

Weather in Antalya

Weather in Antalya: When to travel to Antalya - The Best Seasons and Weather:Antalya is located on the south-western Mediterranean coastline of Turkey and as such enjoys a Mediterranean climate characterised by hot summers and moderately … [Read More...]

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