Where to go

Sunbathing on Yalta's Pebble Beach, Ukraine

Yalta – Jewel of the Crimean Peninsula

Yalta - Famous for the 1945 Yalta Conference:With its mountain peaks serving as a lovely backdrop, warm and sunny summers, Yalta, the jewel of the Crimean peninsula, became a fashionable health resort in the 19th century.Tsar Nicholas II and other Russian aristocrats brought their families … [Read More...]

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Things to see

Livadia (White) Palace - Yalta, Ukraine

Livadia (White) Palace, Yalta Conference, Yalta

Livadia Palace - Site of the 1945 Yalta Conference:Anyone interested in WWII history will have heard of the 1945 Yalta (or Crimean) Conference.  It was here at the Livadia Palace that the Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin met to negotiate how post-war Europe  was to be carved up.Livadia is a … [Read More...]

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Ukrainian Wooden Dolls

Shopping on your Ukraine Holiday

What to Buy on your Ukraine Holiday:The Ukraine is a country that is shaking off its Soviet past and in a hurry to become a Westernised country.   Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, now has many attributes of a Western city with large shopping malls, recreation centres and shops and boutiques that … [Read More...]

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Eating and Drinking

Preparing Varenyky

Varenyky or Pierogi – Delicious Ukrainian Dumplings

Making Varenyky - Ukraine River Cruise:A taste of varenyky or pierogi is a must on any trip to the Ukraine. These dumplings come with a range of fillings, including potato, potato and cheddar cheese, potato and mushroom, cottage cheese, blueberries or cherries.Varenyky is a staple dish of the … [Read More...]

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Getting around

Useful Facts


Find a Phone Number or Phone Code in Ukraine

Ukraine Phone Codes, Ukraine Phone Numbers, Ukraine Phone BooksThe country telephone code for Ukraine is 380. Ukraine area phone codes have two digits, and the subscriber phone numbers seven digits. For mobile (cell) phone numbers in Ukraine, you … [Read More...]

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