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Using Credit Cards in Europe

Using Credit Cards In Europe: What You Need To Know

Chip and Pin, which are accepted, and everything else related to using credit cards in Europe: Walkmans. Beepers. Polaroid cameras. These are all things which are a couple of decades past their prime, right? The same can be said about magnetic strip credit cards… they’re an ancient invention which … [Read More...]

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Getting Around

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3

Airports You Wouldn’t Mind Being Marooned At

Top Airports in the World - Top Airports to Fly From:Spending time at the airport is an unavoidable part of any international travel, but if you happen to be flying out from one of the top 10 airports in the world, the experience can be quite pleasant especially where the airport has good … [Read More...]

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Galeries Lafayette - claim your VAT back!

VAT in Europe – The Rise and Rise of VAT

VAT is on the Increase in Europe:As Europe muddles through to sort out its economic crisis, one of the many measures adopted for raising revenue has been the increase of VAT rates. It may be called by different names, but Value Added Tax (VAT) unfortunately impacts on the cost of our travel … [Read More...]

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