Aspendos – Live from the famous Roman amphitheatre


The Aspendos Theatre is the Best Preserved Roman Theatre From the Ancient World Helen Page is checking out the renowned Roman amphitheatre at Aspendos in Turkey, the best preserved in the world, but the heat is scorching and there’s a lot of very white marble… “So here we are in Aspendos. We’ve driven here this […]

Cappadocia: Live from the Fairy Chimneys of Monks’ Valley


Cappadocia’s Fairy Chimneys cast a spell on Helen in Monks’ Valley Helen Page is looking over Monks’ Valley in Pasabag, Cappadocia, envying St. Simeon for living amongst the “Fairy Chimneys” “It’s midday and it’s really hot up here now. Well, the good thing is that all the tour groups have gone and so it’s much […]


Map of Turkey Use the interactive map of Turkey below to find places, plan your trip and gather information about destinations in Turkey that interest you. You can view the map as a satellite photo (as it is when you arrive on the page), road map, or terrain map (see hills and valleys). Just select […]