The Walks

Walking from Guiting Power to Winchcombe in the Cotswolds

Walking in the Cotswolds

Walking in the CotswoldsThe Cotswolds is a protected area of beautiful countryside, farms and villages in the heart of England. It covers 790 square miles and lies just 75 miles west of London, sitting between Bath and Stratford-upon-Avon. It’s a really attractive part of the country, so much so … [Read More...]

Walking on the Cotswolds Way

Cotswold Way – A Six-Day Ramble in the Cotswolds

A Circular Cotswold Way Walk Starting and Ending in Moreton-in-Marsh:One of the most famous walks in England is the Cotswold Way Walk, a 164 km long national trail running between the market town of Chipping Campden in the north and the famous city of Bath in the south. But you don't have to … [Read More...]

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Walking Experiences

Walking the Cotswold Way at Broadway Tower

The Cotswold Way Walk – Our Walking Experience

Our First Time Walking the Cotswold Way and What We Thought of it:When our plans to spend time with friends in London changed at the last minute, Tony booked us a Cotswold Way walk to fill in our travel gap. The full Cotswold Way Walk is a 164 km long national trail that runs between the … [Read More...]

Historic Kinsale Harbour

Kinsale Harbour, Ireland

Some time ago.........I arrived at Kinsale, the fishing and tourist village on Ireland’s south-west coast. Kinsale is famous for the historic Battle of Kinsale, in which the Irish and the Spanish fought the English, but lost in 1601, during the reign of Elizabeth I, was a turning point in Irish … [Read More...]

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Walking Health and Fitness

Water fountain

Drinking water for folks on Walking Holidays

Drinking water on Walking Holidays.So let’s have a look at your walking day. You’ve just had a superb English breakfast at a cosy little UK B&B.The walkers’ manual suggests, “Caffeine: Avoid caffeinated beverages before your walk, they cause you to lose fluid, making you thirstier as … [Read More...]

Ascending Mt. Kosciuszko in NSW

Weight Loss and Walking

Weight Loss and Walking:Weight loss must be one of the most popular reasons for people to take up the wonderful activity of walking.The thought of feeling the weight disappear as you make your way over hill and dale along, for example – the Coast to Coast Walk, is very appealing.And in … [Read More...]

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Walking Gear

Medieval pilgrim's gear

What were medieval Pilgrim's motivations and gear?

Le Puy - Conques, Les Faux to Aumont AubracThis was the fourth day of walking and we knew that tomorrow was a rest day. The walking had been challenging but not too tiring. A grateful pilgrim appreciates a good rest when it presents itself or is planned for.We left the efficient and pleasant Hotel L’Oustal de Parent and rejoined the GR 65 at Le … [Read More...]

Sometimes - even plastic - when it rains!

Wet weather gear for Camino and other journeys

PONFERRADA, CAMINO, SPAIN: Sometimes - even plastic - when it rains!.We left the hotel, walked past the Ayunamento, over the bridge and out through the suburbs of Ponferrada, the first of which was Compostilla, a lovely area with neatly spaced house blocks with large luxury houses. We passed a modern neo-Romanesque church with a statue of the … [Read More...]

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