Paris Sale – Paris is the Shopping Capital of the World

During the January Paris Sale, the City Transforms into a Bargain Basement for Fashion:

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Gallery Lafayette, Paris

Any city which starts the new year with a huge sale must be a serious shopping city. And yes, Paris is a serious shopping city!

The year begins with the launch of its winter sales, which lasts for five whole weeks and the French capital transforms itself into a bargain basement for fashion, interior decorations, furniture, house wares, etc.

As someone who is very keen on shopping, I must say that the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau (PCVB), in cooperation with the Parisian tourism trade professionals, do a grand job in marketing Paris as a Shopping destination. For the past few years they have been launching “Soldes by Paris” to attract shoppers to Paris and to make their shopping experience enjoyable.

Paris Sales

Soldes by Paris involves the cooperation of Parisian service providers such as hotels, restaurants, guided-tour companies, vehicle rental companies, etc., all of whom have come together to offer discounts to visitors for their Paris breaks. No matter what your budget or taste, there promises to be something on offer for everyone.

Paris is of course an all-year round centre of fashion and creativity and concept stores, flagships of leading brands, and the latest fashionable designer stores are opening all the time. From major department stores to the trendy fashion boutiques or high-street stores there are shops to cater to everyone’s needs.

Just in case you don’t know Paris or where to shop, you can download a Shopping Guide from the PCVB’s website before you leave, or pick up a copy at one of the PCVB’s information centres or any of the participating hotels and shops. This valuable free guide has more than 300 Paris shop addresses and all the practical information you need such as maps, information on the sales, currency exchange, tax refunds etc. Of course it also lists all the best downtown Paris shops, sightseeing attractions and places to eat.

Shopping in Paris sales is an exciting affair and each December, fanatical Paris fashion bargain hunters start guessing as to the start date of the sales which varies depending on the prefecture. So, if you’re one of the lucky people to be in Paris in January, be careful that you’re not run over by frantic shoppers.