The Egyptian Market – An Exotic Spice Market in Istanbul

The Egyptian Market (Misir Çarsisi) or Spice Market is the Second Largest of Istanbul Markets:

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The Egyptian Market or Spice Market , Misir Çarsisi, Istanbul

The Egyptian Market (Misir Çarsisi) is a spice market in Istanbul. After the Grand Bazaar, the Egyptian Spice Market is the second largest of Istanbul’s covered market.

Construction of the Misir Çarsisi began in 1597 by order of the mother of Sultan Mehmet III. It was only completed in 1664 and formed part of the Yeni Camii (New Mosque) complex.

Remedies at the Spice Market

For centuries, the Turkish people have been coming to the Spice Market to buy herbal remedies to help alleviate symptoms of diseases and remedies for infertility, weight loss and other ailments.

Although it is no longer the main spice trading area of the city, there is still plenty of aromatic spices here.

What’s for Sale at the Spice Bazaar

Apart from spices, there are all kinds of cheeses, salamis, stacks of dates, various nuts, dried foods and much more. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll find a large variety of inviting Turkish sweets including lokum (Turkish delight). The Turkish delight comes in all types of flavours, including one with Viagra.

If seeing all the food gets you feeling peckish, there is also cooked food that you can buy. At one of the kebab sandwich stalls, the owner was offering tastings of his kebabs. We politely declined as we don’t eat meat, so he then offered to pose in our photo.

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Egyptian Spice Market - Misir Çarsisi

Outside the Spice Market, the surrounding backstreets are cramped with all kinds of shops. Locals come here to shop for coffee, tea, pots and pans, clothing, shoes, fruit and vegetables and just about anything.

To get to this bustling spice bazaar, head for the Eminönü district and you’ll find it at the southern end of the Galata Bridge which is near the mouth of the Golden Horn. From the Sultanahmet area, the Kabatas-Zeytinburnu tram travels along Divan Yolu to Eminönü.

A visit to the Egyptian spice bazaar is a very colorful experience and one not to be missed.

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  1. avatar says

    On my last trip to Istanbul, we visited the Spice Bazaar every time we were in the vicinity of the Galata Bridge. To me, this market epitomizes the best of Istanbul. Step through the arched entrance, and ancient and modern worlds converge, as you’re transported back to the trading days of ancient Turkey.

    Each one of your senses works overtime to absorb your surroundings, and I dare you to run the gauntlet without buying at least one small bag of Turkish Delight! We ended up buying some pomegranate and pistachio Turkish delight that melted in your mouth, and didn’t make it past the exit!

    Don’t visit Istanbul, without at least one visit to the Spice Market!

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