Gizli Bahçe Konaklari – The Secret Garden Mansions in Antalya

Gizli Bahçe Konaklari – The Secret Garden Mansions of Antalya:

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Gizli Bahçe Konaklari – Antalya

High above Antalya harbour and nestled against the old city fortification we came across Gizli Bahçe Konaklari, a cliff-top restaurant with fabulous views of Antalya Yacht Harbour and its surrounds. But, the Gizli Bahçe Konaklari is not just a restaurant with splendid scenic views.  Here we discovered the Secret Garden Mansions, some historic Seljuk mansions from the Ottoman period.

Gizli Bahçe Konaklari

When we happened upon Gizli Bahçe, it was too early for lunch and tempted as we were to stop for a drink and enjoy the views, we knew that it would be a mistake.  With the views and relaxed atmosphere, it would

be difficult to pull away from the place, and there was plenty that we still needed to see in Antalya.  Isman, the very friendly waiter was not the least upset that he was not getting any business from us. On the contrary he insisted on taking us on a tour of Gizli Bahçe.

The Gizli Bahçe Konaklari (Secret Garden Mansions) are five historic mansions and courtyards from the Seljuk period. They have been magnificently restored, preserving the fine Seljuk Ottoman construction and decorations.  The complex is in the hands of the tourism authority.

Gizli Bahçe Konaklari is made up of indoor and outdoor restaurants serving both Turkish and European dishes. The Sultan Ceren Mansion and Sultan Hanim Mansionare both stylishly decorated restaurants and there is also an American bar area, pubs and cafes and a large courtyard that can cater for functions.

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Gizli Bahçe Konaklari

The place is quite large and when I asked Isman if they get many guests here, he advised that they are usually quite full in the evenings.

The international flags at the entrance of the complex hints at tourist group trade or a venue for local functions.  Although we did not dine here, I must say that it is a beautiful place.

Being a heritage site and one with great views, one can expect that prices are higher here than at other Antalya restaurants. But if you’d like the experience of elegant dining in a Seljuk mansion, you may wish to check this place out.  Certainly the restaurant by the fortress wall is worth having a drink at.

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Gizli Bahçe Konaklari
Dizdar Hasan Bey Sokak No. 1
Kaleiçi, Antalya
Tel: 0 242 244 28 28

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