Cappadocia: Live from the Fairy Chimneys of Monks’ Valley

Cappadocia’s Fairy Chimneys cast a spell on Helen in Monks’ Valley

Helen Page is looking over Monks’ Valley in Pasabag, Cappadocia, envying St. Simeon for living amongst the “Fairy Chimneys” tweet

“It’s midday and it’s really hot up here now. Well, the good thing is that all the tour groups have gone and so it’s much quieter and peaceful. Most people come to Cappadocia to see the “Fairy Chimneys”. Look at them. To me they look like humans with heads and a cap on.

This place is called Monks’ Valley because monks used to come and live here and before coming up here we saw a place that was St Simon’s home. He came and built a cell here, a two-storey apartment. Other monks have followed and soon this area was occupied by monks, hence the name.

So, I’m just going to walk around that side and have more of a look this way. But look at the fairy chimneys – amazing!”

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