Hadrian’s Gate – Antalya’s Roman Triumphal Arch

Hadrian’s Gate Was Built in Honour of the Visit of Emperor Hadrian:

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Hadrian's Gate in Kaleici

The imposing Hadrian’s Gate or Hadrianus Gate is a Roman Triumphal Arch which was built in honour of Emperor Hadrian who visited Antalya in 130AD. It has three arched gates and its Turkish name Üçkapilar means “The Three Gates”.

For hundreds of years, Hadrian’s Gate was encased in the Seljuk city walls, which might explain why it had remained undamaged. It was only uncovered in the 1950s when the walls collapsed.

The gate underwent restoration in 1959. The pavement area between the arches have been stripped down to the Roman level and through the perspex flooring, you can see the Roman floor.

Features of Hadrian’s Gate

Built completely of white marble, Hadrian’s Gate was one of the most beautiful during its time. Four Corinthian columns front each side of the arch which has striking ornamentation. The original Gate was two storeys and it is believed that statues of the Emperor and his family probably decorated the top of the layer of the arch.

The towers on either side of the Hadrian’s arch are from different periods. The tower on the left, known as Julia Sancta tower, belongs to the Roman period whereas the inscription on the right tower indicates that it was built by Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat 1 in the 13th century.

Hadrian’s Gate is the only remaining entrance gate in the old city walls which surround the ancient city of Antalya and its harbour.

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Map of Antalya:

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