Rose Valley And Its Unusual Pink Rock Formations

There’s No Guessing How Rose Valley in Cappadocia Got its Name:

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Rose Valley - Gül Vadisi

From Göreme, we travelled to Rose Valley (Gül Vadisi) and made a quick stop to see this beautiful valley with some interesting rock formations. Rose Valley is located between Göreme and Cavusin Village. From the pink hue of the rocks here, it’s easy to guess how the valley got its name.

Depending on the time of day, season and weather conditions, the colour and intensity changes, but we are fortunate to visit when the valley is pink in colour and true to its name.

Interesting Rock Formations

Apart from the beautiful pink hue of the rocks in Rose Valley, accentuated by the bright blue of the sky, there are three interesting rock formations that nature has sculpted here: The camel above is easily recognizable. As for Napoleon’s hat and the two lovers kissing, once they are pointed out to us – yes we can see the resemblance.  If you have the time, you can stand here and see if you can make out other shapes. I think this rock has the makings of a bear caring for its young, but you may see something else!

Walking in the Rose Valley

There are many walking paths in the Rose Valley with varying degrees of difficulty. A common trek is to walk the 5 km through the Rose Valley and then on to visit Cavusin Village, which is famous for the houses and churches of the early Christian monks. If you are holidaying in the region, the local travel agencies offer hiking tours where you will visit cave churches, cave dwellings and tunnels.

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