Gizli Bahçe Konaklari – The Secret Garden Mansions in Antalya

Gizli Bahçe Konaklari - The Secret Garden Mansions of Antalya: High above Antalya harbour and nestled against the old city fortification we came across Gizli Bahçe Konaklari, a cliff-top restaurant with fabulous views of Antalya Yacht Harbour and its surrounds. But, the Gizli Bahçe Konaklari is … [Read more...]

Olive Oil Tasting – Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Tasting: Tasting Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Basilippo in Seville: Spain produces some 45 percent of the world's supply of olive oil, which makes it the largest olive oil producer in the world. So on any holiday in Spain, especially to the Andalucia region, an olive oil tasting … [Read more...]

Tapas in Madrid: Mesón Rincón de la Cava

Mesón Rincón de la Cava is a Traditional Tapas Restaurant off Plaza Mayor: Mesón Rincón de la Cava was the first Madrid restaurant where we had a taste of the famous Madrid tapas. Many of us had just arrived in Madrid, but the mention of tapas and we were very prepared to throw off our jetlag … [Read more...]

A Seafood Dinner at the Casa Florido, a Torremolinos Restaurant

Torremolinos Restaurants - A Seafood Dinner at the Restaurante Casa Florido: There are hundreds of restaurants in Torremolinos and knowing which one to dine at is a challenge, unless of course if you have a recommendation from someone who knows. While in Torremolinos, we joined a dinner … [Read more...]

Enjoying Pintxos at Casa Alcalde in San Sebastian

San Sebastian Has the Best Pintxos or Pinchos in Spain: Having travelled from Madrid up north to Burgos, Santander and Bilbao, we saw and sampled many pinchos (Spain's famous fingerfood) along the way. But nothing quite prepared us for the vast number of pintxos (Basque for pinchos or tapas) … [Read more...]

Eating Out in San Sebastían – A Food Lover’s Paradise

San Sebastían Has the World's Highest Number of Michelin Stars Per Square Metre: San Sebastían is a foodie's paradise and this is little city in the Basque Country has plenty of Michelin stars to show for it. With so many tapas bars and restaurants to choose from, eating out in San Sebastían … [Read more...]