Starkbierzeit – Munich’s Secret Beer Festival

Munich's Secret Spring Beer Festival - Starkbierzeit: Oktoberfest is well known around the world (beer drinker or not). But Munich has another huge beer festival that is not so well publicised. At the Starkbierzeit ask for "ein Doppelbock bitte" and you’ll be served with a very potent double … [Read more...]

A Mozart Dinner Concert at St Peter Stiftskeller

Enjoy A Candlelight Mozart Dinner Concert At St Peter Stiftskeller Salzburg: Located in the centre of Salzburg Old Town, between the Cathedral and the Festival Halls, is St. Peter Stiftskeller, a Salzburg restaurant that stakes its claim as the oldest restaurant in the whole of Central … [Read more...]

The Anchor – A Historic and Popular London Pub

The Anchor - A Popular and Historic London Pub in Bankside: We came across The Anchor pub on our way to the Golden Hinde and were attracted by its bright red window frames and pretty floral decorations. Little did I know then that this is one of London's most famous riverside pubs and a … [Read more...]

Auerbachs Keller Leipzig – Immortalized in Faust I

Auerbachs Keller Leipzig - Goethe's Favourite Wine Bar During His Student Days: Auerbachs Keller (Auerbachs Cellar) owes much of its fame to Goethe who immortalized the wine tavern in Faust I -  In part V, Mephistopheles, the demon, takes Faust to the tavern in an attempt to ruin him, but … [Read more...]

Café Einstein – A Classic Viennese-Style Café in Berlin

Café Einstein - A Plush and Elegant Café in Berlin: By the time we finished exploring Unter Den Linden on a chilly and wet Sunday afternoon, a cup of coffee was much needed. There are a few cafés along this Berlin boulevard but it's hard to go pass the famous Café Einstein. Café Einstein is … [Read more...]

Oxford Restaurants, Pubs and Cafes – Where to Eat

Oxford Restaurants and Other Places To Eat In Oxford: Oxford restaurants, covering a diverse range of eateries,  cater to all tastes and budget types. As in many large university towns, cuisines from all over the world are represented here, something that I discovered with delight many years … [Read more...]

A Dinner at the Castle Combe Inn – Castle Combe

A Dinner in Castle Combe, the Prettiest Village in England: Our dinner at the Castle Inn tonight was part of a tour to Castle Combe to see the "prettiest village in England". Before dinner, we had time to wonder around the village which looks like it's been frozen in time. Except for a few cars … [Read more...]

Nürnberger Bratwurst – Nuremberg’s Distinctive Sausages

The Nürnberger Bratwurst Tastes Best When Freshly Cooked on a Charcoal Grill: Nuremberg is famous for its Nürnberger bratwurst which is traditionally grilled or roasted and served three abreast on a bun with mustard. Whether it is served Drei im Weggla (three in a roll), on a plate with … [Read more...]